We provide for the most worthy reliable work, as if the required by all once.


  • SEA starts in 2002 and running successfully.
  • It was founded by Dr. Ashwini Kumar Nagpal for coaching Classes and thousands of Students was successfully satisfied by this Academy.
  • Further more start new mile stone... IAJESM (International Advance Journal of Engineering, Scinece & Management) with collabration of Parth Computers
  • SEA starts ethics of Thesis writting in 2009.
  • SEA starts new journey of youtuber in 2018.
  • SEA starts a new Journey with KITE (Krishan Kumar Nagpal Instute of Professional Studies) in 2022 and hence taken new logs.
  • Many offices are started in 2022 for the developing knowledge for students in Research under the IAJESM shows on home page of the Site.

Work Hard... Work Best... Endless


What are they saying

Dr.Prerna Nagpal


Study/Writting time, however, I was for the evils of the evils that I was going to be angry with the effort that I was going to be the one who was the one who was going to be the one who wanted to be.

Dr. Ashwini Nagpal

Founder & Chairperson

For the target group, the result is worth taking care of until the work takes over. The accusers, however, need that, and need some discipline. Some faintness, but always a smile.

Dr. Deepak Raj Jain

Associate Chief-Editor

For if I did not export the hair of my house, which are great, none of which I would bring to my house, the least time would be the labor that I was in our house.

Dr. Amit Singla

Chief-Editor of Computer Science

For I was fleeing from the pain of pain, there is no fault in the template of many.

Dr. Parveen Kumar Sharma

Chief Editor of Medical Sciences

If you want to spend time with your baby, you may find it helpful to slow down your body movements.